Nudges: what they are and some examples in a new comprehensive poster

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NUDGE featured in an IEA commentary

Empowering people to act: how awareness and behaviour campaigns can enable citizens to save energy during and beyond today’s energy crisis

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Changing people’s habits

This episode of the DNV Talks Energy podcast explores what influences human behaviour and how to best incentivize people to make positive changes and decisions about their energy usage.


Policy brief

Profiling and nudging energy consumers to heat efficiently


Open access article

Opportunities for Promoting Healthy Homes and Long-Lasting Energy-Efficient Behaviour among Families with Children in Portugal


Achieving the full energy transition potential calls for a paradigm shift, and many solutions are investigated to involve many people and support them in reducing their energy consumption. 

NUDGE will implement and evaluate different behavioural interventions for energy efficiency, paving the way for new policies and human behaviour.

The designed interventions are compared against traditional ones in pilots in GreeceBelgiumGermanyPortugal and Croatia, with:

  • diverse and innovative energy use scenarios (e.g., PV production for EV charging, demand response for natural gas),
  • demographic and socio-economic variables of the involved populations, and
  • platforms to make the interventions operational (smart mobile apps, dashboards, web portals, educational material and intergenerational learning practices).