Interdisciplinary project-based education on home energy consumption for children in Belgium


Flanders, Belgium


SPRING-STOF school children with their families

Direct participants

50 households

Potential replicants in the area

1000 households

Unique Features

  • Children being educated through a project-based course on energy consumption
  • Understand the impact of everyday life decisions on home energy consumption
  • Support of Intergenerational Learning among family members
  • Great replication potential by transferring lessons learned to parents, family and friends

Available infrastructure and tools

  • Existing interdisciplinary courses relevant to energy efficiency (e.g. climate change, social differences, building materials)
  • School-owned technical equipment (e.g. thermal camera to understand thermal losses)

New developments in NUDGE

  • Extension of existing relevant course material
  • Electricity smart-meters installed at children households and schools
  • Dashboard for visualizing the collected consumption data

This task is centered on educating children on understanding the effect of different actions on electricity usage.

The installation of smart meters/plugs at homes of 50 children and 3 school buildings, will directly involve consumers of 50 households in the pilot.

The children in SPRING-STOF will be able to understand in practice the effect of different actions for saving energy, while working during a trajectory of different months on all aspects of energy consumption (climate change, social differences, building materials, etc.).

The energy visualization dashboard will be offered to half of the population (intervention group), to present feedback on own consumption and the comparative performance among households of classmates. Thus, the comparison between the performance of the control and intervention groups will be clearly quantified.

Participating children will also learn how to transfer the lessons learned to parents, family, and friends thanks to the identification of different consumer profiles, while their commitment to acting as energy efficiency ambassadors will also be evaluated in the long term.

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