MVV / beegy

Optimization of EV charging with self-produced PV power in Germany


Rhine-Neckar metropolitan area


Residential clients of MVV with their families

Direct participants

100 households

Potential replicants in the area

from 2.000 to 5.000 households. Up to 16.000 - 35.000 in other German regions.

Unique Features

  • Optimized EV-charging with self-produced solar energy through the residential energy management system of Beegy
  • Combination with forecasting algorithms delivers optimized EV-charging from self-produced PV power, enabling a reduction of grid supply by up to 35%
  • Access to MVV’s large customer portfolio of approx. 150K households supplied with electricity

Available infrastructure and tools

  • 100 residential buildings already equipped with PV, possibly also battery storage, charging station and EV
  • Web Portal for detailed consumption/production analysis
  • EV-Charging smartphone application for optimizing the EV-charging with self-produced energy

New developments in NUDGE

  • Extension of existing smartphone application and web portal to support nudging

This task will demonstrate the advantages of optimally using own production from residential PVs for EV charging.

The pilot will engage 100 residential buildings already equipped with PV, possibly also battery storage, charging station and EV. All of them will receive a Web Portal, providing them with transparency on own power production, battery storage, autarky from the public net, feed-in and optimized EV-charging.

Half of the households (intervention group) will receive an additional EV-Charging App, which enables them to optimize the EV-charging with self-produced solar energy. Nudging interventions will be sequentially delivered to end users through updated versions of the portal and smartphone applications.

Data collected from the PV production and EV charging consumption, along with data gathered through the user interfaces for both groups (acceptance of interventions and tools), will constitute the dataset employed for evaluating the efficiency improvement and behaviour change of participating consumers.

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