NUDGE newsletter – first issue out!

Welcome to NUDGE, and congratulations for getting on the train at such early stage!

To get a taste of the NUDGE project, consider these questions:

– Would you charge your EV at hours that support CO2 neutrality?
– Do you keep the default energy saving settings on new equipment?
– Would you lower your thermostat if you had the highest heating consumption in the neighborhood?

In this first newsleter, you can find out what NUDGE is about and what to anticipate in the coming years, a presentation of the project pilots, and the science behind the practice of nudging. A simple 15-minute PowerPoint video presentation is also available if that’s your preferred medium. This information is accessible on our website, while regular updates will reach you through Twitter. You will also find links to our sister projects, and you can always contact us by email.

One thing to certainly benefit from in this newsletter is the NUDGE survey supporting behavioural policies– it has been one of the most intriguing and well-designed surveys aimed at identifying energy consumption profiles and attitudes towards energy efficiency. The early testing teams in our organisations would greatly recommend it.

We are glad you’ll be following our progress. If you have not subscribed yet, click here.

Enjoy the read!

Filippos Anagnostopoulos, IEECP, NUDGE project coordinator