NUDGE goes to Instagram – learn about nudging in our first post!

IEECP, the NUDGE partner leading communication activities for the project, has launched an Instagram account, mostly to increase awareness raising on key topics, including those of NUDGE, along the summer of 2023 and further.

The first post dedicated to NUDGE is just out, you can catch up here or directly on the social network!

What do you know about nudging?

You now know about #EUSEW, –see previous post– the yearly event focusing on energy topics. In 2022, IEECP co-organised with several other projects and organisations an event focusing on the youth, and how to change behaviours towards consuming less energy that we wanted to share about with you.

We were lucky to have great speakers in the room, including Zeger, a 9-year-old student from Spring-Stof, a school participating in the project NUDGE H2020, in which they get classes focused on sustainability as part of the programme, making calculations, brainstorming ideas to change and more. You’ll see by sliding the carrousel that Zeger had many ideas to share with us!

This event aimed at empowering policymakers to engage people and in particular youth, giving space to various testimonials from the ground. It builds on the research on energy-related behaviour produced in several EU funded projects. A panel of policymakers, youth and consumer representatives focused on how to design policies that can favour a large-scale change in how we produce and consume energy and how to include youth in energy policies at various levels.

The event page shares a visual briefing, the full recording and more links on the topic:

++++ Stay tuned, in a #NUDGE4change series of posts, we’ll share about nudges, nudging techniques, banners you can yourself use to nudge people towards using less energy or water, and much more!